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Accomplished Litigators Representing You and Aggressively Advocating on Your Behalf

Our seasoned trial attorneys at Pentiuk, Couvreur & Kobiljak, P.C. have over a century of combined experience to serve your litigation and appellate needs. When litigation becomes necessary, we will prepare a thorough litigation strategy that best suits the relief you are seeking and will zealously advocate on your behalf.

In some cases, our attorneys tried cases that were handled by other lawyers until the case is ready for trial. In some instances, our attorneys are even asked to partner with co-counsel earlier on in the case. If you or your client has a case that is expected to be tried and are looking for counsel with significant trial experience, our team of attorneys is ready and able to step in as lead trial counsel.

Protecting Rights on Appeal

Sometimes despite the law and facts being on your side, courts and juries render adverse rulings. Our attorneys have decades of experience protecting the record to assure your appellate rights are preserved, and we know the intricacies of the appellate process to assure every avenue of your claim Is litigated to the fullest extent allowable under the law.

Many of our attorneys have also served as judicial law clerks for trial judges and appellate judges giving us particular insight and experience into the appellate process. We often handle appeals in cases that were tried or handled by other lawyers prior to the appeal. Our lawyers can and often work cooperatively with trial counsel to file an appeal or can do so independently.

Our attorneys have argued numerous cases on appeal in both state and federal courts, including all U.S. District Courts for the State of Michigan, the Michigan Court of Appeals, the Michigan Supreme Court, and the United States Court of Appeals for the 6th Circuit. Several of our attorneys are also admitted to practice before the United States Supreme Court. Our legal team is also well-versed in agency appeals at both the local and federal levels.

Speak With an Experienced Attorney

We have offices in Wyandotte, Michigan and Chicago, Illinois. Contact us at 734-281-7100 or 773-435-6503 today to speak with one of our attorneys or have a virtual consultation to discuss your legal options. You may also send us an email through our online contact form.