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Organizers, board members and staff of nonprofit organizations in Michigan take on significant responsibilities. That also means that they assume serious legal liabilities.

If you are establishing a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization or sit on the board of directors, make sure you have experienced legal counsel guiding you through the process. Talk to an attorney at Pentiuk, Couvreur & Kobiljak, P.C., about ways we can protect your rights and interests under the law.

Our lawyers advise and represent nonprofit organizations throughout Michigan.

Our nonprofit clients include:

  • Churches, ministries and religious institutions
  • Service organizations
  • Community foundations
  • State-chartered credit unions
  • Housing associations

Our services include:

  • Forming and maintaining corporate entities to provide a corporate shield against liability claims and to take advantage of favorable tax laws. This includes:
    • Filing Articles of Organization with the appropriate state business agency
    • Drafting the articles of incorporation, bylaws and other governing documents
    • Counseling clients on the proper selection of directors and officers
    • Drafting and preparing corporate minutes and other formalities to preserve the corporate structure against attacks by creditors
  • Securing the proper approvals from the state and federal authorities for tax benefits to donors and for fundraising. We help our clients:
    • Navigate the complexities of the Internal Revenue Code to obtain income tax exemptions under section 501(c)(3) or related exemptions
    • Secure approvals from the Charitable Trust and Solicitation Division of the Michigan Attorney General’s Office
  • Obtaining property tax exemption under Michigan property tax laws. This also includes:
    • Negotiating with the local municipalities’ assessor
    • Appearing before the local board of review
    • Handling appeals before the Michigan Tax Tribunal
  • For churches, we handle internal disputes among members. This includes:
    • Property and corporate control challenges
    • Discipline or expulsion of members
    • Representation in court
  • Where volunteers are utilized, we assist our clients in developing appropriate screening procedures to protect children and others, as well as the client, from the risk of sex offenders or other criminal predators

Additionally, we provide counsel on risk management, insurance and related matters to protect the nonprofit from lawsuits. We also help clients navigate the Michigan Nonprofit Corporations Act.

Employment Issues For Nonprofits: We Can Be Your Legal Counsel For Human Resources

State and federal employment laws, and wage and hour issues are frequently the most complex areas of law for nonprofit organizations to negotiate successfully.

For all nonprofit entities with employees, we provide counsel on all labor issues, including hiring, discipline and firing decisions, wage issues, and dealing with civil rights claims.

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