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It is often said that cooperative housing boards are focused on three common issues: pets, parking and people. Learning how to successfully manage these problems can make the difference between a contentious dispute and a peaceful resolution.

Since 1989, Pentiuk, Couvreur & Kobiljak, P.C., has served the legal needs of cooperatives throughout Michigan, Illinois and Indiana, as well as numerous other jurisdictions nationwide. Our lawyers are well situated to assist you in dealing with members, and we can help your board develop smart strategies to minimize conflict.

Proactive Solutions

One of the best ways to handle members is to create a detailed list of rules. These may be distributed among residents, who should agree to the newly adopted standards in writing. Our firm is well-versed in developing rules that work and establishing appropriate methods for handling violations. We have a comprehensive knowledge of the law, and we understand how to compose rules in such a way that they safeguard your rights and preserve your best interests.

In addition to establishing a set of sound rules, it is recommended that boards take a special interest in screening applicants for membership. While it is illegal to discriminate against persons based upon their gender, race, religion or other protected status, you may perform criminal background checks and assess an individual’s overall candidacy. The first and best protection against disruptive persons is declining their membership application.

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