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Staying abreast of municipal law and the needs of a large city

On Behalf of | Dec 23, 2022 | Municipal Law

In the City of Detroit, municipal matters can become long-term challenges that often require legal guidance.

On one hand, the city is taking strides to improve its physical infrastructure but continues to grapple with the crime rate and neighborhoods on the decline.

A little background

Having emerged from bankruptcy, Detroit is focusing on a rebirth. The downtown area is safer than it was just a few years ago. Building permits are up, and new retail establishments and restaurants are locating here. With a revitalized riverfront and new entertainment venues, Detroit has been working on initiatives to make the inner city more accessible and attractive to visitors. However, surrounding neighborhoods are still settings for the homeless, numerous residential foreclosures and vacant buildings that need businesses.

Smart city elements

Like other large urban areas, Detroit must look toward the technologies that will enable it to become a “smart city” with smart energy, smart buildings, smart security and smart commerce. Planning for the future requires infrastructure as a foundation. However, this means additional roads and transportation systems that can accommodate a growing population. This kind of forward-thinking also means that citizens and private enterprises must work alongside public participants and stakeholders to achieve goals. Legal entanglements will develop, and many will take time to overcome.

Addressing challenges

The problems facing Detroit and surrounding communities often require assistance from professionals with knowledge of municipal law. From providing legal opinions to defending class action lawsuits, input from local attorneys is essential in addressing the various issues that confront a city on the move.