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Do Michigan HOAs have the right to restrict solar panels?

Every homeowner’s association in Michigan has different rules, but the state’s HOAs also have to abide by state laws when hearing and addressing resident concerns. As more Americans start turning to solar power as an alternative to traditional electric energy, the number of HOAs fielding questions and handling issues related to solar panels is increasing.

According to CNET, whether an HOA has the legal authority to prevent its residents from installing solar panels depends on the laws in place in a particular area.

Michigan HOAs and solar panels

At the moment, Michigan is one of a handful of states that does not have “solar rights” laws in place. Essentially, this means that it is within your HOA’s power to restrict residents from installing them, at least for the time being. However, a growing number of states have started to pass solar rights or solar easement laws that guarantee residents who live in HOAs the right to install solar paneling on their homes. As the nation becomes increasingly concerned about energy usage, this trend is likely to continue.

Michigan HOAs and future considerations

While Michigan HOAs do not currently have to allow for the addition of solar panels on residential homes, this may change in the future. Thus, it may serve your HOA well to plan for the future and figure out how it might handle requests from residents who wish to add solar panels to their properties.

Skyrocketing energy costs mean a growing number of the nation’s HOAs are grappling with these types of issues. Figuring out how to handle them ahead of time may go a long way in terms of saving your HOA time, money and stress.