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What should you know about pet restrictions in your HOA?

Homeowner’s associations (HOA) often get bad reputations. However, an HOA is necessary in order to keep balance and harmony in a neighborhood.

It is up to every resident to understand the rules of their own unique HOA. By moving into a house under an HOA’s jurisdiction, this implies compliance with said rules, including the rules that determine what pets a person can and cannot own.

HOA rights and tenant responsibilities

U.S. News discusses the HOA’s rights when it comes to pets people own. First, many HOAs do not focus on restricting the number of pets in any individual home, as many focus on the residential subdivision. Most residential neighborhoods will allow their residents freedom in regard to pets.

However, the HOA has a right to ban any pets considered illegal under state law. Typical examples include exotic pets like ocelots or alligators. It can also include animals typically observed to be somewhat dangerous, such as certain breeds of dogs.

They can also restrict the types or quantities of pets allowed in a neighborhood. If they choose to do so, they must list the restrictions clearly and post them in easily accessible and public locations, such as on the HOA website.

Taking potential legal action

Homeowners can potentially sue the HOA if they did not get proper information about these pet restrictions. On the other hand, if the HOA did inform the resident of the pet restrictions appropriately and the homeowner still brought in a disallowed pet, then the HOA can take legal actions instead.

While it is best to avoid any sort of legal action, it is important for both parties to know their rights and responsibilities so they can act accordingly.