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How should you handle discrimination complaints within your company?

When you own a business, you are responsible for creating a safe workplace for your employees. If there are discrimination claims within your business, you could face litigation if it gets out of control.

According to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, employers should implement a fair disciplinary policy to handle acts of discrimination.

Conduct an investigation

Anytime you hear a complaint of discrimination, investigate it immediately. Keep your investigation impartial, so you know which corrective measures to take. During the investigation, ask the employee filing the complaint what makes them feel treated differently. Also, ask him or her to point out the treatment received by others compared to the poor treatment he or she receives.

When it comes to the person who created the hostile work environment, ensure he or she faces disciplinary action and that all people who act the same receive the same action.

Determine consistency

When it comes to discipline, you have to ensure consistency. All people should face the same type of discipline for the same actions. For instance, if you have an employee facing disciplinary action but the managers and supervisors treat him or her worse than others who committed the same action under similar circumstances, you may have a case of discrimination.

If you determine that an employee faced discrimination in the form of disciplinary action or any other way in your company, you must make the situation right again. Amend any documents to reflect the correct disciplinary action and offer the employee pay, benefits or promotions he or she would receive if discrimination were not a factor.