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Common condominium rules in Michigan

Living in a condominium can be a great experience – you have all the benefits of living in a community while still having your own private space. However, it’s important to be aware of the rules and guidelines that govern condominiums as violating them can lead to fines or even eviction.

Noise and disturbance

The first rule to remember is that you should not make too much noise. This means keeping your music and TV volume down, as well as avoiding noisy activities, like loud conversations late at night.

Recreational areas

The second rule to remember is that recreational areas are for everyone in the condominium community. This means that you should be respectful of other residents when using them and not try to take over these areas unless you have specifically reserved them for a special event. You should also use these areas within the stipulated hours.

Garbage and pests

Also, remember that you must take care of your garbage and not allow pests to invade the condominium. This means putting your garbage in the bins provided, keeping your unit clean, and not leaving food out where it can attract rodents or insects.

Parking spaces

Fourth, parking spaces are also limited and should be used only for the purpose of parking cars. You should not use them to store items or as a playground for your children. It’s not uncommon to see people dumping or keeping extra items, such as motorcycle or bicycle parts in condo parking spaces, and that’s against condominium rules and regulations.


Per the Condominium Association Law, you are not allowed to damage any part of the property, especially the common areas. Additionally, defacing the building, which includes making inscriptions on surfaces or sticking paper notices on walls is generally prohibited.

Such rules and regulations are important for the management and maintenance of condos, and the homeowner’s association or the condo association typically enforces them. It’s important to adhere to them to have a peaceful stay in these establishments.