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Basic steps for rezoning in Detroit

On Behalf of | Dec 13, 2021 | Real Estate Law

Rezoning in Michigan, also known as a map amendment, is necessary to change your property to establish public need for your business. This process consists of numerous steps from getting approval from the city to holding one or more public hearings in front of the city council. There are certain qualifications that you must meet to receive approval for rezoning.

Request a meeting

Email [email protected] or call 313-224-6225 to schedule a meeting before submitting an application.

Complete an application

Fill out an application and email or mail it to the Detroit City Clerk and City Planning Commission (CPC).

Hold a hearing

A few weeks later, the CPC will publish a public hearing notice and require you to appear at a public hearing.

Steps after the hearing

Prepare a rezoning draft ordinance and a legal description. Submit both documents to the City Engineering Division of DPW and the Legal Department for approval. At some point, the Planning and Economic Development Standing Committee will review your ordinance and decide how to continue the process.

Why rezoning is part of municipal law

Zoning ordinances are required by municipal law to divide and regulate different sections of a city and county. Rezoning is necessary to increase the extent of land usage for certain public services, increase the value of certain businesses and other reasons. The law guarantees a fair division of land for all members of a community from business owners to landowners and retail consumers.

The process of rezoning

Zoning is the official method of planning the development of a small town or major city. Rezoning is the re-division of land for property owners who want to make different uses of their land. However, there are rules and restrictions set by Detroit’s city council that they must know about.