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HOA laws can include pet restrictions

Michigan homeowner’s associations are important organizations that protect the safety and well-being of every resident in a neighborhood. The rules should not be ignored by any homeowner, including any rule that restricts the freedoms of pet ownership. It’s the resident’s responsibility to learn about pet restrictions.

HOA law pertaining to pets

A homeowner’s association is primarily responsible for monitoring the activities that occur in a residential subdivision. There are very few HOAs that focus significantly on restricting the number of pets that reside on a property. In many residential neighborhoods, most homeowners are allowed freedom in their ownership of pets.

The HOA has the right to ban pets that are illegal under state or federal laws. In addition, HOA laws can restrict the types and quantities of pets allowed in their neighborhoods. They must outline the specific homeowner’s rights and exclusions in their HOA documents and provide these documents in a publicly accessible location, such as a website or newsletter.

When an HOA violation becomes a court case

After violating an HOA law, a homeowner can still sue the HOA if they were not informed of the rules. It’s necessary to prove that the association did not provide a proper legal document. If the homeowner was informed of their rights and still violated the rules, the HOA has a right to sue the homeowner.

Know the rules of the HOA in your neighborhood

Dealing with the homeowner’s association is often not necessary for homeowners who own pets. However, there are a handful of associations that create and enforce rules against owning certain types of pets. Being in good standing with the community is important for any homeowner, so understand the HOA rules for as long as you live in the home.