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The many options HOAs have to enforce their rules

If you’re part of a Homeowner’s Association, or HOA for short, there can be lots of rules to keep up with. With that in mind, you might be dealing with someone who’s purposely or unintentionally violating your HOA’s rules. Fortunately, your organization has a few ways to handle these situations.

Issuing fines

One of the most common ways for HOAs to enforce their rules is by issuing fines to homeowners. An example of this would be if a tenant received a warning about mowing their lawn but never mowed it. If this happens, an HOA could impose daily fines until a tenant mows their lawn.

Suing the homeowner

It’s also important to note that a homeowner’s association does have the power to sue a homeowner. However, taking legal action usually happens only after someone goes a long time without paying their fees. Before you get ready to take a tenant to court, it could be a good idea to have a homeowner association law attorney in your corner.

Suspending the rights of a homeowner

Another way to deal with HOA rule violations is by not allowing a homeowner to have access to common spaces. A few examples of these spaces can include pools, gyms, dog parks, and other types of recreational areas.

Forcibly resolving a situation

If you don’t want to wait for a homeowner to take care of something, an HOA can resolve this problem forcibly. For example, an HOA could contact a lawn care company to mow the lawn of a homeowner that won’t do this themselves.

If you’re dealing with a problematic homeowner, consider hiring an attorney. By doing this, you can have someone on your side that knows how to handle problems between homeowners and HOAs.