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Michigan embroiled in legal dispute over Canadian pipeline

In Michigan, conducting business can be complicated especially for companies that are based in other states or other countries. If there are disagreements or orders from the state that the company believes are in violation of its rights, a legal filing is possible. Companies concerned about how edicts from the government might negatively impact its operation should be aware of how to deal with these issues. Business litigation can be difficult, but it is sometimes necessary. An example of the challenges businesses might face involves a Canadian pipeline that was ordered shut down, but is still operating amid a federal legal filing.

Pipeline maintains its operation despite order to shut down

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer ordered a Canadian company to stop operating its pipeline due to its risk to the environment and other fears. The pipeline has been in place for 60 years and transports oil and gas. Despite the order, the company states that it will not shut down saying that it is complying with the law and requirements for safety. The pipeline – called Line 5 – was approved as safe in June and September 2020. The spokesperson for the company says that there are inaccurate statements being made regarding the pipeline. There is an ongoing federal court case to have the shutdown order dismissed. Concerns about the potential for a spill are at the heart of the government’s claims. However, the project has widespread support in certain areas of the state and federal government and it plans to continue operating.

Businesses must defend their rights to maintain operations

For any business located in Michigan, there might be some skepticism that there is a connection between their worries and those of a large pipeline in the middle of a dispute with the governor of the state. In truth, there are fundamental parallels with many businesses and the issues they may face from formation to zoning to contracts to governmental approvals and more. Since problems related to these factors can disrupt or completely upend the business, it is wise to be fully protected.

Having experienced representation can address business concerns

Federal business litigation is ongoing in this case between the natural gas transmission company and the state. For companies that are dealing with comparable disputes or want to avoid them, having comprehensive guidance from the start can assist with full preparedness. A consultation can yield information and guidance.