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What are the rights of the disabled under the Fair Housing Act?

It is important for co-ops to follow Fair Housing Act protections for disabled individuals. The first step is to be familiar the protections for disabled individuals that the Fair Housing Act provides.

Protections under the Fair Housing Act for disabled individuals

Disabled individuals are protected from discrimination during the process of applying for housing and while they are renting or in their housing. They cannot be discriminated against on the basis of their disability. Disabled individuals have several important housing-related rights including:

  • The right to rent a safe and affordable home to live in;
  • The right to reasonable accommodation for their disability;
  • The right to have sufficient notice prior to an eviction;
  • The right to file a complaint if they believe their rights have been violated; and
  • The right to purchase a home if they are able to pay for it.

When those rights are violated, it may lead to a claim for a civil rights violation or a violation of the Fair Housing Act. To avoid these potential concerns, co-op boards should be familiar with housing laws and how to adhere to them. They should also be familiar with what they can do if a claim for a civil rights violation of a disabled individual or Fair Housing Act violation has been brought against them.

Housing is important to everyone which is why housing laws are in place. Co-op boards should familiarize themselves with those laws, and their obligations under them, and may benefit in some instances from trained guidance to help ensure compliance.