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What governing factors can you include in an HOA contract?

On Behalf of | Apr 27, 2020 | Firm News

Operating a Home Owners Association or HOA in Michigan allows you to maintain some control over certain behaviors within your community to prevent problems that result in animosity, discomfort and frustration for residents. Having each of your residents sign the same agreement is helpful in your effort to establish a thriving and beautiful community.

As you develop a contract, your understanding of which governing factors to include may reduce the chance that you forget to address something important.

Common HOA regulations

According to Realtor.com, you can encourage compliance and involvement from members of your community by holding public board meetings where residents have the chance to express concerns and brainstorm ideas for bettering the community. Utilizing the feedback you receive may enlighten you to any adjustments that may improve the living experience for residents and create a desirable place for people seeking a new home.

Common regulations you may address in your contract include the following:

  • Smoking in and around common areas.
  • Parameters for rental agreements.
  • Modifications to home design including changes to the exterior and landscaping.
  • Requirements for storing garbage.
  • Parking restrictions for residents and their guests.
  • Rules regarding the care and roaming of pets.

Articulating a clear contract

The more effective you are at addressing governing factors in a clear, concise and professional tone, your community residents may be less prone to confusion or disobedience of the rules you have set. Likewise, a well-written contract can function as a valuable point of reference for answering common questions about compliance. As soon as new residents move into your community, giving them a copy of the HOA contract is critical in your effort to provide full disclosure so they can make an informed decision about whether or not your community will meet their needs.