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Director seeks compensation for alleged breach

For companies and individuals in the media and entertainment industries, strong contracts are essential. Anyone in Illinois or Michigan who is involved in these industries knows this firsthand. In many cases, a contract between a large corporation and an individual may entail payments for work that could take a long time to produce or complete. In some situations, the work is never completed and this may well happen due to a dispute between the parties that results in the cancellation of the contract.

One example of this can be seen in a case involving a famous director and the online and content giant, Amazon. The two parties apparently worked together on one program and then entered into a contract for a new movie. Since the creation of that contract, however, renewed allegations relating to sexual misconduct against the director surfaced. In addition, some professionals indicated their refusal to work with the director.

VOA News indicates that Amazon ended up cancelling the contract at least in part due to the allegations that the director sexually abused his daughter when she was a minor. The original allegations of this misconduct are quite old and originally ended up with the director not being convicted of any offenses. However, now the daughter is an adult and is making the allegations on her own.

The director indicates the allegations are false and that Amazon has breached their contract by cancelling it. He is therefore seeking damages said to be worth at least $68 million. It is not clear what steps will be taken in the case in the coming weeks or months.