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Former co-defendants now on opposing sides

People who have to look out for their professional or business interests know that many things can change a person’s perspective at any time. Who may seem a strong ally one moment could well end up as an adversary down the road. Such seems to be the case for two professional fighters as one of them has just initiated legal action against the other in Cook County, Illinois. 

Interestingly, the current lawsuit that pits the two men against each other stems from a prior lawsuit in which they were joint defendants. Together, the two men were sued for alleged defamation by a physician who was apparently displeased with comments the men made on a podcast regarding issues with medical care. The Chicago Sun Times has reported that the two defendants won this lawsuit.

During the first lawsuit, one of the defendants today claims that the other man told him via a text message that he would cover all of the legal bills for the lawsuit. Those costs amount to more than $500,000. Now, however, it seems that the first defendant may have been left with the entire bill though some reports suggest the second man may be willing to pay half of the costs.

As a result, the first man is suing the second for fraud and breach of contract and is seeking multiple types of damages including exemplary damages, punitive damages and general damages. The latter is said to be approximately $200,000. When facing these situtions related to one’s business or professional image, talking with an attorney may be helpful.