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Chicago’s thriving food businesses

Starting a business can be a thrilling experience, but the pursuit inevitably comes with its own set of challenges. Knowing the ins and outs of startups in Chicago can save serious time and money in the long run. But which ones are currently finding significant success? 

When it comes to laying the foundation for a food-related business specifically, food companies in the area have been especially successful. After all, Chicago has long been in the spotlight for its eclectic food scenes. Yet there is more to the booming food culture than new restaurants on every corner: startup food companies are quickly changing the definitions of what it means to love delicious dishes.     

Starting Small, Dreaming Big 

Built In Chicago showcased some of the most successful and innovative food companies in October 2016, first acknowledging that every business starts small — even the marketplace giant Groupon began by selling coupons for pizza. Yet some of the most prominent businesses in Chicago are not the ones who necessarily produce and prepare the food, but instead make the tasks of acquiring and cooking food easier. For example, Built In highlights Label Insight, a company that uses data-driven science to assist customers in understanding what is really in the food they buy. Other notable businesses in the area include Kitchfix, a food delivery service that caters to gluten free diets and other specific nutritional needs. What once began as small businesses have now become some of the pillars in the food delivery industry.

Craving the Future of Food

Chicago Inno, a digital media and events company that focuses on innovative communities, provided an article with further updates on Chicago’s thriving food culture. Inno focuses on companies RXBAR and SkinnyPop, two businesses that started small and grew exponentially; in fact, RXBAR began in the founder’s home kitchen. The article credits the city’s growing tech scene and packaged goods meccas in surrounding states for Chicago’s increasingly popular food industry. The area’s food scene is certainly making waves, and economists and city dwellers alike look forward to the growing food space they call home.