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Car dealership faces lawsuit

Sometimes, when people think of business litigation, they envision a massive corporation or multinational company. However, it is important to keep in mind that lawsuits can create challenges for those who own smaller businesses as well. Moreover, the potential consequences of a lawsuit can be particularly damaging for a local business or small company that is already struggling to stay afloat. In certain instances, these types of business owners may not have the resources to defend themselves properly.

A lawsuit was recently filed in Kansas against a used car dealership. The dealer, based in Topeka, is being accused of neglecting to respect a commitment he had made with customers. According to the suit, the dealership was to donate $100 per vehicle sold to a fund set up for a deceased law enforcement official, but the dealer failed to make the donations.

The dealership is accused of additional wrong-doing. For example, buyers claim that they were given title certificates after purchasing a vehicle. The car deal reportedly told buyers that money would be donated to a fund after the 2014 death of a police corporal, but failed to make any donations until 2016, the lawsuit alleges.

This news report highlights the diverse nature of business litigation cases, which can sometimes catch business owners completely off-guard. If you suspect that a lawsuit may be around the corner, it is important to immediately go over your different options. Moreover, business owners who are anticipating a lawsuit sometimes consult an attorney for qualified assistance regarding their case.

Source: Ksn.com, “Used car dealer sued, temporarily banned from doing business,” Nov. 9, 2017