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Chicago lawsuit targets candy company

There are many different reasons behind customers’ decisions to take legal action against a company. However, it is vital for business owners in Chicago to keep in mind that even seemingly insignificant business lawsuits can spell disaster and create serious challenges for a company. Sometimes, litigation can be completely unexpected and may involve accusations that many would consider facetious.

A candy company headquartered in Chicago is facing a lawsuit from a Chicago customer over accusations that the label on one of their products was inaccurate. The customer is pursuing class-action status and is also asking for the allegedly mislabeled product to be taken off store shelves. In his claim, the customer pointed out that hundreds or maybe even thousands of other people have been wronged by the inaccurate label.

The lawsuit was filed over allegations that the customer bought one of the company’s candy products earlier in 2017 only to find that the product contained more calories than the front label indicated. The customer says that if he had known beforehand, he would not have bought the product. He apparently discovered that the product had more calories than were shown on the front label after looking over the back label.

Handling a business lawsuit can be challenging, but it is well worth it for business owners to take steps to defend their company when litigation arises. Sometimes, the owner of a business may have no idea of which steps they need to take, at which point it could be beneficial to discuss the suit with an attorney.

Source: Chicago Business Journal, “Extra calories in Starburst drives Chicago man to sue Wrigley,” Gina Hall, Sept. 1, 2017