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Detroit company sues city over suspension of permit

Across all industries, litigation can arise for many reasons. Sometimes, legal action is necessary after a business is hurt by the wrongdoing of another. Or, a business in Detroit or Chicago may find itself targeted by a disgruntled employee or customer. Either way, the end result can have a tremendous impact on the future of the company, which is why the owners of business small and large should take litigation very seriously.

A company which had its towing permit suspended recently sued the City of Detroit as a result of the suspension. Moreover, the towing company also targeted the Detroit Board of Police Commissioners and the Detroit Police Department in their lawsuit, filed in Wayne County Circuit Court. In addition to its towing permit, the company also had their contract suspended and they say that they have requested answers from the Detroit Police Department, but have been turned down.

The towing company claims that the contract suspension threatened almost 50 people who live in and around Detroit. In its lawsuit, the company is asking for its towing permit to be restored right away. The permit suspension reportedly came after a hearing which was not open to the public.

A number of questions may arise with regard to business litigation and it is essential for people working through these lawsuits to find answers. By carefully going over the details of the case, many have been able to protect their future. In fact, speaking with a legal professional could be a great way for business owners to find the smartest course of action.

Source: Detroit Free Press, “Towing company sues Detroit, DPD alleging its permit was improperly suspended,” Katrease Stafford and Tresa Baldas, July 7, 2017