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Settlement reached over Chicago airplane incident

Recently, a considerable amount of attention has been given to an incident involving an airplane passenger who was forcibly removed from a flight. This incident may have been very damaging for the airline company due to the negative press, but it is important to remember that even less popular disputes can significantly damage a business. In fact, for a smaller company in Detroit or Chicago, even a relatively minor issue could spell disaster. As a result, companies should focus on handling business litigation.

An airline company that recently took heat for a passenger being forcibly removed from an airplane recently settled with the man, according to a statement that was released by the company. The settlement amount was not disclosed by the airline company or attorneys representing the man who was pulled off of the plane.

A legal professional representing the man says that he sustained a number of injuries during the incident, which took place on April 9, 2017. The airline company, which took responsibility for what happened onboard the plane, was able to amicably reach an agreement with the passenger

When disagreements or other problems lead to a standoff between a customer and the company, the outcome can be disastrous for business. Unfortunately, businesses are not always able to avoid litigation and when lawsuits arise, it is essential that they are handled appropriately. For business owners, discussing the details of the incident with a legal professional who has handled business-related litigation could them figure out what to do next.

Source: Chicago Tribune, “Passenger dragged from United plane at O’Hare reaches settlement with airline,” Lauren Zumbach and John Byrne, Apr. 27, 2017