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Detroit auto manufacturer faces lawsuit

When it comes to business lawsuits, all sorts of accusations can arise, wreaking havoc for the companies facing allegations. Regrettably, some of these lawsuits are based on allegations that are false altogether, while others involve certain details that have been blown way out of proportion. In Detroit, and in other cities around the state of Michigan, business owners who have been targeted with a lawsuit should waste no time in reviewing their options.

An auto manufacturer based in Detroit is facing a lawsuit over allegations that they are producing trucks which do not comply with the nitrogen oxide limit. In fact, the suit claims that these trucks are releasing nitrogen oxide at a rate that is two to five times greater than the amount allowed by law. Moreover, the suit accuses the company of rigging engines on these trucks in order to get by emissions tests mandated by the government.

According to estimates provided by the law firm behind the lawsuit, 705,000 of these diesel trucks are operating on roads across the United States. However, the auto manufacturer said that the accusations were baseless. Following the filing of this lawsuit, the auto manufacturer’s shares dropped roughly two percent.

Depending on the nature of the litigation, diverse options may be on the table. For businesses being sued, pinpointing the most sensible course of action is critical. Making sense of business law can be rather complicated, especially for business owners who feel overwhelmed. That said, reaching out to a legal professional could be a great way to move forward.

Source: The Journal Gazette, “Lawsuit alleges GM cheated on diesel pickup truck emissions,” May 25, 2017