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Detroit area restaurant dealing with lawsuit

Those who own a business in any type of industry may encounter a plethora of challenges. Some disputes may involve customers, while others may involve a neighboring business or competitor. In Detroit, or any other U.S. city, handling these disagreements correctly can mean the difference between successfully moving on or shelling out thousands or even millions of dollars. In some cases, business owners have no choice but to close.

A chain restaurant located in the Detroit area is dealing with a lawsuit that was initially filed by a Rochester mattress store owner in 2014. The man filing the lawsuit claims that his mattress store, which has since closed, was severely damaged as a result of the restaurant’s leaky water heater. A legal professional representing the mattress store owner said that the matter involves $65,000 that he is not looking for millions of dollars.

According to the mattress store owner, he continued to experience difficulties even after the restaurant had repaired the water heater. For example, pictures that were taken revealed some of the damage caused by the leaks and also showed mold. The mattress store owner, who has another location in Bloomfield Hills, said that the experience has also been difficult for his family.

As if daily challenges in business are not hard enough, lawsuits can be unnerving and leave business owners unsure of what to do. However, many cannot afford the consequences associated with a negative outcome in court, which is why many make the decision to speak with a knowledgeable attorney.

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