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Club outside of Chicago sued

From contract disputes to allegations of discrimination, this blog has dicussed many of the challenges that business owners face. In Chicago, Detroit and elsewhere in the Midwest, businesses may be targeted by lawsuits for countless other reasons, some of which are completely out of the business owners’ control. For example, a business owner may have to go to court after an altercation or fire breaks out, among many other reasons.

A night club near Chicago is in the middle of a lawsuit over a shooting that occurred during 2015. In the lawsuit, the owner of the club is accused of having knowledge about the dangerous nature of the business, which include customers who have ties to gangs, and failing to take preventative measures. The lawsuit also alleges that the night club owner did not provide adequate security.

During the 2015 incident, which took place in March, a 26-year-old man lost his life. The victim apparently lost his life after he was shot at a concert. The night club is also facing legal action related to a stampede that allegedly took place after shots broke out.

Sometimes, business owners may be unsure of how to handle lawsuits that arise. Unfortunately, these lawsuits can lead to the ruin of companies, regardless of whether the owner is responsible for the problem in the first place. Because these types of suits can be so damaging, it is extremely important for business owners to assess their options. For some, consulting an exerienced legal professional could be useful.

Source: Chicago Tribune, “Lawsuit filed over fatal shooting at Markham nightclub,” Sarah Freishtat and Gregory Pratt, Mar. 23, 2017