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Airline company could face legal action

In the digital age, the nature of business lawsuits and disagreements with customers has changed considerably. Now, when someone has problems with a company, they may record the incident and spread it across social media, which can be very damaging for business. To make matters worse, companies in Chicago, Detroit and all other American cities may be painted in an unfair light.

A 69-year-old man who recently gained national attention for being forcibly removed from a plane appears to have made moves that indicate he is going to take legal action. A report says that the man has asked the city of Chicago to retain all reports, audio and other recordings from the flight. Moreover, he also turned to Cook County Court looiking for an order to be issued against the airline company.

As a result of the incident onboard the plane, which was headed from Chicago to Louisville, the airline company decided to reiumburse each passenger for the cost of their ticket. The CEO of the company also issued an apology and one of the officials who was responsible for taking the man off of the plane has been placed on leave.

With the widespread use of smartphones and other technology, businesses be especially careful to avoid incidents with customers and take steps to protect themselves from unfair allegations. Sometimes, customers may decide to file suit, which can change the course of a business’ future. Business owners going through these difficulties may benefit from turning to an attorney.

Source: Business Insider, “The man who was dragged off the United flight just took the first step toward filing a lawsuit,” Candie Thompson, Apr. 12, 2017