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Contract dispute leads to strike in Illinois

For large corporations, small businesses and government agencies, contract disputes can result in a plethora of challenges. In some cases, disputes over a contract may prompt workers to go on strike, which may have a negative impact on business. Furthermore, contract disputes in Chicago and elsewhere in the state of Illinois may lead to steep financial penalties that have lasting consequences. As a result, it is essential for those involved in a contract dispute to carefully assess their options.

In Illinois, workers recently went on strike over a contract dispute, which could have a major effect on state government. For nearly two years since the previous contract expired, the General Assembly has been involved in a standoff with the governor over the state’s budget. The governor of the state wishes to freeze wages and increase the number of hours state employees work.

Because of the contract dispute, thousands of people who are employed by the state government have decided to go on strike over the governor’s contract terms. The strike follows a vote among state workers which showed that 81 percent supported going on strike.

When contract disputes take place, the disagreements can affect business owners, workers, families and even communities. By taking a very close look at the details surrounding a dispute and carefully trying to determine which course of action is best, those involved in a dispute may be able to find a better outcome. Although these standoffs can be tricky, some people have been able to simplify the situation by speaking with an experienced legal professional.

Source: Chicago Sun-Times, “Illinois public-employee union members vote to authorize strike,” JOHN O’CONNER, Feb. 23, 2017