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Suit filed in Chicago accuses restaurant of discrimination

In recent years, many business owners have found themselves in the middle of a lawsuit which involves discrimination. Allegations of discrimination may arise for various reasons, whether an employee or customer claims they were discriminated against on the basis of their age, gender, race or another attribute. For businesses in Chicago, these lawsuits can wreak havoc and it is essential for business owners to handle these situations appropriately.

A federal judge recently allowed a blind man to move forward with a discrimination suit he filed against a restaurant. The lawsuit, which was filed in Chicago, accuses a fast food restaurant chain of failing to accommodate customers who are visually impaired. The man, from New Orleans, claims that the restaurant has violated the Americans with Disabilities Act by closing the inside of their restaurant at night and only serving customers who use the drive-through.

Since the man is unable to use the drive-through, he hopes that the restaurant chain will find an additional way to accommodate customers after closing dining rooms at night. The man who decided to take legal action against the restaurant chain is seeking class-action status.

When working through a discrimination case, business owners should carefully examine the unique details of the lawsuit and have a clear understanding of their rights. Unfortunately, litigation that involves discrimination or other alleged violations can create long-lasting consequences for all types of businesses. Business owners who are unsure of which steps to take after being accused of discrimination may want to consider talking to a legal professional.

Source: Chicago Business Journal, “Blind man’s lawsuit against McDonald’s proceeds,” Feb. 17, 2017