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Beverage company sued over claims it lies to customers

When allegations of wrongdoing arise, companies of all sizes and across various industries may face all sorts of complications. For example, a business owner may be required to go to court or even close because of the financial ramifications of a lawsuit. Furthermore, business litigation can result in a bad reputation that affects relationships with clients and customers. In Detroit, Chicago and other cities throughout the country, it is essential for companies in this position to evaluate all options.

A popular beverage company has found itself in legal trouble over claims that it lies to customers. In the complaint, the company is accused of using tactics that are similar to those used by tobacco companies to gain customers from a young age. Moreover, those who took action against the beverage company accuse it of trying to minimize the negative health consequences that come with consuming their products.

According to an industry publication, fewer people have been consuming soda in recent years. Moreover, some companies in the industry have been looking for ways to make their products healthier, by reducing the number of calories in their products, lowering the amount of sugar in each drink and offering drinks which come in smaller containers.

In business, there are often a lot of stressors, which can make it hard to deal with litigation. However, taking the smartest approach is paramount. Some business owners have found a great deal of value in turning to an attorney who handles these types of cases.

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