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Restaurant chain to pay $100,000 in settlement

From allegations of wrongful termination to a contract dispute, businesses may find themselves in legal trouble for a wide variety of reasons. In Chicago, and elsewhere in the state of Illinois, it is crucial for business owners to keep an eye out for potential violations and carefully examine their set of circumstances if they are targeted by a lawsuit. Moreover, business owners should carefully review their legal rights whether they are sued by an employee, a competitor or the government.

A settlement was recently reached in a lawsuit involving a restaurant chain in Illinois. The chain, which was facing litigation over non-compete agreements provided to workers, will be required to pay $100,000 to the state of Illinois. The money will be used to increase awareness on non-compete agreements, according to the Attorney General’s office.

Earlier in the year, the Attorney General’s office took legal action against the chain over allegations that staff members were not allowed to seek employment at similar businesses. In 2017, a new law, known as the Illinois Freedom to Work Act, will bar employers from using non-compete agreements with workers that earn under $13 per hour.

Handling business litigation can be tricky for various reasons. Often, business owners already have a number of commitments and may feel like they do not have the time to deal with a lawsuit. However, lawsuits can spell disaster for a company’s future if they are not approached appropriately. For business owners who have found themselves in this difficult position, talking to an experienced legal professional about their case may prove valuable.

Source: Chicago Business Journal, “Jimmy John’s settles non-compete lawsuit,” Dec. 8, 2016