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Contract dispute over Chicago-based TV show settled

From restaurant workers to multinational corporations and even actors, contract disputes can affect people from all walks of life. In Chicago, business owners who find themselves involved in a contract dispute may face a variety of challenges. Aside from significant financial consequences, they may even be forced to close their business, in some cases. As a result, it is pivotal for everyone who is preparing to sign a contract to ensure that the contract is written and reviewed appropriately.

Production on a Chicago-based television show has been delayed due to an ongoing contract dispute involving one of the show’s stars. The actress involved in the dispute recently announced on social media that she would be coming back to work on the show, which is in its eighth season, next year. The finale of the show’s seventh season is scheduled to air in December.

Sources claimed that the actress was involved in a dispute over her pay. According to claims, she was asking to receive more compensation than one of her co-stars and believed that there was an unfair difference in the amount they were paid.

Sometimes, contract disputes arise regardless of how well the contract was put together. Under these circumstances, it is essential for those who are dealing with a dispute to make sure that every base is covered and identify the best course of action. Understanding legal considerations related to contract disputes can be tough, which is why some people in this position have turned to an experienced attorney for assistance.

Source: NBC Chicago, “Emmy Rossum to Return to ‘Shameless’ After Equal Pay Dispute: Reports,” Dec. 17, 2016

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