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Chicago teachers reach contract agreement

When contract disputes arise, they affect different types of businesses and people from a variety of backgrounds. In Chicago, and across Illinois, these disputes may impact employees, employers, students, customers, families and even entire communities. As a result, it is crucial for those who are in the middle of a contract dispute to remain committed to securing a positive outcome, if possible.

In Chicago, a looming teacher strike was prevented as union officials and teachers reached an agreement over teacher contracts. Under the terms of the new two-year contract, high school teachers will be compensated for teaching classrooms with more than 32 students and their work day will be set at eight hours. However, the CEO of the charter schools said that the network is trying to find additional sources of revenue as roughly $1.5 million more is needed to cover the contract.

News of the agreement, which also covered pension contributions, came at 3 a.m. following prolonged discussions. However, the language contained in the contract is not yet final, according to union officials. Prior to the contract agreement, teachers were threatening to go on strike. Roughly 8,000 students attend the school.

Sometimes, handling a contract dispute can be very difficult, especially for those who are not familiar with contract law or have never been involved in a dispute. In addition to standoffs that interrupt daily life and two sides refusing to work together, making sense of legal issues can also be incredibly complicated. As a result, businesses of all sizes involved in a wide range of disputes may find value in reaching out to an experienced attorney.

Source: Chicago Tribune, “UNO teachers, charter network avert strike,” Juan Perez Jr. and Megan Crepeau, Oct. 19, 2016