Understanding Condominium And Homeowners Association Law

To maintain high levels of functionality and consistency in both the private and shared areas of a housing community, homeowners associations (HOAs) and condominium associations regulate various member activities. At Pentiuk, Couvreur & Kobiljak, P.C., we work with HOA, management companies and condominium associations in the Detroit area and nationally to jointly supervise common interest activities.

By taking a proactive and collaborative approach to HOA and housing law, we assist board members and management companies to prevent disputes, minimize unnecessary litigation and reach efficient resolutions. Our emphasis on developing continuing client relationships means that we will provide unmatched help for your immediate needs while factoring in the overall effect on your long-term organizational goals.

In short, whether you need to address a current issue or avoid potential problems down the road, we can be your lasting legal partner.

Addressing And Averting Common Issues

Condominium associations and HOAs are often plagued by preventable issues. As national leaders in this area of law, we are able to pinpoint and head off potential challenges, and quickly address existing issues. We routinely handle a host of legal issues stemming from:

  • Member nonpayment
  • Prohibited behaviors or activities of members
  • Failing to hold all members to the same rules
  • Inaction or delayed maintenance to common or private areas
  • Failing to establish or enforce bylaws
  • Deficient financial statements or records
  • Breaches of duty by management companies or board members
  • Failing to accommodate
  • Contractual issues with vendors
  • Taxes

Obtain A Prompt Resolution

HOA and housing cooperative issues pose a significant threat to the organization. Our counsel can help you promptly resolve your problem. To learn more about our robust HOA and condominium-related services, contact our firm to arrange an appointment. Send us an email or call our Wyandotte office at 734-281-7100 or our Chicago office at 773-435-6503 to schedule an appointment at either location. Serving the Chicago area and all of Michigan.