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Understanding business formation: What is an L3C?

One of the most important decisions that a prospective business owner will have to make before opening their doors is selecting a legal structure for their business. In other words, a choice will need to be made as to whether the enterprise should organize as a corporation, limited liability company, partnership, sole proprietorship, or other entity.

There are, of course, many factors that a prospective business owner will need to consider when making this determination, including income taxes, investment needs and, most significantly, potential risks and liability.

Detroit area restaurant dealing with lawsuit

Those who own a business in any type of industry may encounter a plethora of challenges. Some disputes may involve customers, while others may involve a neighboring business or competitor. In Detroit, or any other U.S. city, handling these disagreements correctly can mean the difference between successfully moving on or shelling out thousands or even millions of dollars. In some cases, business owners have no choice but to close.

A chain restaurant located in the Detroit area is dealing with a lawsuit that was initially filed by a Rochester mattress store owner in 2014. The man filing the lawsuit claims that his mattress store, which has since closed, was severely damaged as a result of the restaurant's leaky water heater. A legal professional representing the mattress store owner said that the matter involves $65,000 that he is not looking for millions of dollars.

Airline company could face legal action

In the digital age, the nature of business lawsuits and disagreements with customers has changed considerably. Now, when someone has problems with a company, they may record the incident and spread it across social media, which can be very damaging for business. To make matters worse, companies in Chicago, Detroit and all other American cities may be painted in an unfair light.

A 69-year-old man who recently gained national attention for being forcibly removed from a plane appears to have made moves that indicate he is going to take legal action. A report says that the man has asked the city of Chicago to retain all reports, audio and other recordings from the flight. Moreover, he also turned to Cook County Court looiking for an order to be issued against the airline company.

Club outside of Chicago sued

From contract disputes to allegations of discrimination, this blog has dicussed many of the challenges that business owners face. In Chicago, Detroit and elsewhere in the Midwest, businesses may be targeted by lawsuits for countless other reasons, some of which are completely out of the business owners' control. For example, a business owner may have to go to court after an altercation or fire breaks out, among many other reasons.

A night club near Chicago is in the middle of a lawsuit over a shooting that occurred during 2015. In the lawsuit, the owner of the club is accused of having knowledge about the dangerous nature of the business, which include customers who have ties to gangs, and failing to take preventative measures. The lawsuit also alleges that the night club owner did not provide adequate security.

Detroit lender facing federal lawsuit

Business owners may end up in the court room for any number of reasons, such as fraud, copyright infringement and breach of contract. For companies that have to head to court over allegations of fraud or any other offense in Detroit, it is essential to take a close look at the details of the case. After all, the outcome of a lawsuit targeting a business can have significant consequences.

In Detroit, a U.S. district judge recently ruled that the Justice Department can go after a mortgage lender based in Detroit over allegations of fraud. The Justice Department accuses the lender of fraud between 2007 and 2011. However, the judge said that the Justice Department will only be able to pursue recovery for claims that were dated on April 23, 2009, or later, due to the statute of limitations.

Contract dispute leads to strike in Illinois

For large corporations, small businesses and government agencies, contract disputes can result in a plethora of challenges. In some cases, disputes over a contract may prompt workers to go on strike, which may have a negative impact on business. Furthermore, contract disputes in Chicago and elsewhere in the state of Illinois may lead to steep financial penalties that have lasting consequences. As a result, it is essential for those involved in a contract dispute to carefully assess their options.

In Illinois, workers recently went on strike over a contract dispute, which could have a major effect on state government. For nearly two years since the previous contract expired, the General Assembly has been involved in a standoff with the governor over the state's budget. The governor of the state wishes to freeze wages and increase the number of hours state employees work.

Suit filed in Chicago accuses restaurant of discrimination

In recent years, many business owners have found themselves in the middle of a lawsuit which involves discrimination. Allegations of discrimination may arise for various reasons, whether an employee or customer claims they were discriminated against on the basis of their age, gender, race or another attribute. For businesses in Chicago, these lawsuits can wreak havoc and it is essential for business owners to handle these situations appropriately.

A federal judge recently allowed a blind man to move forward with a discrimination suit he filed against a restaurant. The lawsuit, which was filed in Chicago, accuses a fast food restaurant chain of failing to accommodate customers who are visually impaired. The man, from New Orleans, claims that the restaurant has violated the Americans with Disabilities Act by closing the inside of their restaurant at night and only serving customers who use the drive-through.

Firm in the Detroit area faces federal lawsuit

When a business faces accusations of wrongdoing, they may lose customers and face steep fines. In some cases, businesses in Detroit & Chicago have even been forced to close their doors. By identifying the smartest course of action, some business owners have been able to secure a more favorable outcome and protect their company from the potentially devastating consequences of lawsuits.

A firm in the Detroit area is facing a federal lawsuit over allegations that workers were not paid properly. The lawsuit, originally filed by four restaurant workers in 2016, accuses the company of neglecting to pay workers appropriately, misclassifying employees and failing to provide overtime pay as required.

Chicago business faces discrimination lawsuit

Business owners may find themselves in court for all sorts of reasons, from breaking the terms of a contract to copyright infringement. However, discrimination has become a particularly challenging topic for many businesses. Whether discrimination allegations are true or blown out of proportion, they can have a significant impact on a Chicago business' future, potentially leading to a negative reputation and resulting in costly penalties.

A business in Chicago was recently hit with a lawsuit over accusations that it discriminated against employees based on their age. The lawsuit involves four workers who are in their 50's and 60's, all of whom were given a notice informing them of their right to sue from the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. In the suit, one worker claims that he was transferred to another location as an act of retaliation for filing a complaint with the EEOC.

Beverage company sued over claims it lies to customers

When allegations of wrongdoing arise, companies of all sizes and across various industries may face all sorts of complications. For example, a business owner may be required to go to court or even close because of the financial ramifications of a lawsuit. Furthermore, business litigation can result in a bad reputation that affects relationships with clients and customers. In Detroit, Chicago and other cities throughout the country, it is essential for companies in this position to evaluate all options.

A popular beverage company has found itself in legal trouble over claims that it lies to customers. In the complaint, the company is accused of using tactics that are similar to those used by tobacco companies to gain customers from a young age. Moreover, those who took action against the beverage company accuse it of trying to minimize the negative health consequences that come with consuming their products.


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